LU Sister’s Week Sparks a Fashion Twist

By Dominique Youngblood

Females on The Lincoln University’s campus held the first clothes swap on March 4 as a way to create innovative trends for the spring season.

“The Empress’ New Clothes,” swap was the third event of Lincoln’s annual Sisters’ Week. Sisters’ Week is a week held every spring semester and is designated for all females on campus allowing them to socialize and network with each other. At the swap, ladies traded the clothes they had with different pieces from other women’s closets to create new outfits for the warmer months ahead.

Simone Wright, a junior student and director of Ziana Fashion Club on campus hosted the event and stunned attendees with her unique “T-shirt turned dress” style. Her demonstration showed females how to make use of their old t-shirts by simply stepping into the shirt, stretching the collar, tucking the sleeves on the side, and wearing the new dress with a belt and high-healed boots.

“We wanted females to find fun in their closets, she said. “It is not always about going out and spending tons of money on new clothes every season. I hosted this event to hear different views on fashion.”

Wright was assisted by Bianca Garrett, senior, who is also a fashion icon on campus.

Simone Wright, host of The Empress’ New Clothes event, models an army fatigue dress she created from a t-shirt. Photo by: Dominique Youngblood

Simone Wright, host of The Empress’ New Clothes event, models an army fatigue dress she created from a t-shirt.
Photo by: Dominique Youngblood 

“I decided to help demonstrate the t-shirt technique because it is something quick and easy,” Garrett said, “Some days I get up and get stuck with what outfit to wear. When the weather gets warmer, it will be time to start transitioning into spring clothes. I wanted to make sure the females on this campus were aware that their creativity could take them a long way.”

Tamara Wilson-Ashton, a sophomore assistant for student activities and coordinator of Sisters’ Week shared her impression of the event’s impact.

“I was shocked that people still showed up due to the bad weather,” she said. “We received a good variety of clothes including business suits, casual, jeans, and jackets. The Office of Student Life and Development was also nice enough to donate a lot of clothes to us. I think this event was a success due to the fact that girls on this campus put a lot of thought and energy into their outfits and the way they dress around each other.”

Sisters’ Week is always held the first week of March, which kicks off Women’s History Month.

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