Apply for the 2015 Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute

By: Chanel Watson

Thurgood Marshall College Fund has always dedicated its services to developing African American students into future leaders, which is the purpose of the 2015 Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund is accepting applications for its 2015 Leadership Institute to be held from Friday, November 13, 2015 to Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

Every year the Thurgood Marshall College Fund holds a professional development conference that allows students to participate in workshops, networking activities, keynote addresses from professional and government leaders, and recruitment fair for students looking for jobs and internships at over 60 companies.

Some companies that participated in the 2014 Leadership Institute included Comcast, NBCUniversal, Target, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Microsoft and Bloomberg. There are definitely career opportunities available for all majors.

A part of taking advantage of internships is learning what career paths you like or dislike. Sure, you should get experience in the field you are interested in, but don’t be scared to try out different departments to learn new skills and traits.

As a mass communications major at The Lincoln University, senior Brianna McPherson was not sure of what career path she wanted to take. After attending the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute, she was offered a marketing internship with pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

“I did not have a marketing background, whereas everyone else was a major in marketing,” says McPherson. “I was confident in myself as a person and knew who I was…but I was definitely nervous.”

The person that hired Brianna for the internship told her that “you can learn marketing in the workplace…you can learn quickly and I knew you would be able to pick it up.”

She excelled during the remainder of the internship. She even got a job offer in the marketing division. However, she turned the position down.

“I turned it down because even though I thought Eli Lilly was a great company, I didn’t necessarily like working in Indiana,” says McPherson.  “I went to the Leadership Institute the next year and saw Eli Lilly…they asked me what would make you come to the company, and I said that I really enjoyed sales…later I received an email offering me a sales position, and I accepted.”

Even though she loved the company, she found that marketing was not necessarily her calling, but after helping out in the sales department during her internship, she opted to rather have a job in sales.

The conference is definitely a great opportunity to gain professional skills and make students stand out amongst the competition to help you get your dream job.

To apply for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership institute, please visit

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