Senior Class Trip Cancelled as efforts are made for Senior Week not to suffer Same Fate

By Carl Vulcain

The graduating class at The Lincoln University will be without a class trip for the first time in recent memory. The main reason for the trip being cancelled was a lack of participation within the eligible student body.

“We were planning on having the trip but people were not submitting payments on time,” said Cherish Anderson, President of the class of 2014 executive board. “If 35 people signed up we would have been able to fill a single bus, but it did not work out.”

The trip was originally planned for students to depart on May 27th, and return on April 1st. The full price was set at $625, and to be payed in increments. The planned destination was to be the Bahamas. This announcement originally drew excitement from the student body, which makes the lack of participation all the more surprising and disappointing in some students eyes.

“When I heard about where we were going for the class trip I was excited. Everyone I knew wanted to go. It’s really a shame that we won’t be having it,” said Isaac Addoh, class of 2014. “At the same time though we are all students and tuition comes first. My theory is that the price is what turned people away.”

All responsibilities of The Class of 2014 executive board have fallen solely on the shoulders of Cherish Anderson. Because of this, the planning of a Senior Week was in doubt, as the class’ executive board did not have the manpower to execute it.

However, as a result there are a group of students that have begun efforts in hopes that the University’s annual “Senior Week” will not suffer the same fate as the class trip.

“We have been conducting various fundraisers in hopes of raising money to fund a week of activities for a senior week,” said Kristen Figueroa, one of the lead coordinators in these efforts. “So far we have sold fried Oreos, water ices, and made platters of food for sale.”

Students but not limited to Jacqueline Ruban, Altoinette Carothers, Shanice Adams, Asia Black, Taniesha Stewart, Roy Burke, Arielle Noel, and Jacqueline Ferguson are among students who have volunteered their efforts in order to save their class’s senior week.

“We are working on even possibly going to Atlantic City one of the days for an overnight trip to make the week even better,” said Kristen Figueroa.

The week is not set in stone as of yet, but efforts are being made in order to keep the yearly school tradition alive.

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