Sister’s Week a Success

By Christopher Wilson

Last week, The Lincoln University celebrated Sister Week, which was sponsored by the office of Student Life and Development.

The event dedicated a week of service and appreciation to women at Lincoln University.

Monica Haywood, an employee of Student Life and Development, explained the value of leadership for women on Lincoln’s campus.

“Females tend to be lazy when it comes to actually being supportive, so we are given them a push,” she said.

Miss Legacy of Lincoln University, Erin Washington, hosted the Ladies Night sleepover. The forum was held for female students to come together and share different stories, and gain a connection with others.

The young ladies confide themselves as they touched key issues that females deal with during their college years such as relationship issues, financial problems, and other issues.

Nicole Raylin, sophomore, said “I think this week (was) good for young ladies to actually stop beefing with each other and start to come together with different talents and ideas.”

The following events were held during Sister’s Week:

March 3: Natural Hair Explosion from 6-8pm in the SUB MPR.

March 4: Sisters Sweat out from 4-5:30pm in the Wellness Dance studio.

March 5: Talk it out from 6-8pm in the SUB Theater.

March 6: Ladies only movie night at 6pm in the SUB Theater.

March 7: Ladies Night In at 8pm in the SUB MPR.

March 8: Sisters Week Conference from 9am-4pm in the SUB MPR.

The Office Of Student Life and Development later this month will sponsor more events.

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