Professionals Offer Advice During Mass Comm Day

By Asia A. Black

The Mass Communications Department along with career services of The Lincoln University hosted a Mass Communications Day where they invited mass communication professionals to come and speak with the campus.

The keynote speaker was photojournalist Michael M. Cheers.

Cheers is responsible for producing and directing Emmy award winning documentaries. He has worked all over the world, and currently is a tenured professor at San Jose University in California.

He was the first to talk at Mass Communication Day’s first segment. Lincoln University students and faculty sat in the dim-lighted ware center auditorium as his he explained some of his photos and documentaries.

Without words, each picture he showed the crowd, already told a story.

“It’s all about story telling, but in order to tell stories you have to know history, and to know history, you have got to read,” said Cheers.

Cheers was very assertive in his motivational words and advice. By the end of his presentation he challenged the crowd with a reflection of a quote from Fredrick Douglas.

“Agitate, agitate, agitate! The most important thing that we can do is to question,” Cheers said.

This segment was not the last of Cheers that mass communications students saw. He was also invited to teach and show some of his work within the classrooms of The Lincoln University.

“I’ve learned a lot just from one class that he taught in,” said Antoinette Carothers, senior.

The second segment of the day included a relaxed panel discussion with three Howard University graduates on it, all of which who have worked there way up to be successful within the realm of mass communications.

It featured interior designer and marketing communications professional Tristan Francis, mass communications scholar and marketing professional Cierra M. Robinson, and Kerry-Ann Hamilton the director of Howard University’s office of communications and marketing,

All of the panelists shared their success story, gave advice to students that were striving to one day do the things that they do, and answered any questions that surfaced.

Francis encouraged students to “embrace the struggle” to reassure that you must work hard to get to the top. Robinson encouraged students to “network, network, and network.”

“This panel was beneficial because the speakers from all forums were around our age, making it motivational,” said Melissa Quinones, senior.

The third segment of the day was a student panel that featured mass communications majors Altoinette Carothers, Tyreece Powell, Nicole Webb, and Jamar Earnest.

They talked about internship opportunities and The Lincoln University’s student organization Lion Media. It is an organization for students who are interested in producing, staring in, or assisting media content.

The fourth and final segment of the day was an expert panel with a student question and answer, which featured the Leveraging Up! team from Los Angeles.

“Leveraging Up!” is a guide to how to climb the ladder within the entertainment industry.

The  book was written by Stacey Milner, an entertainment veteran and founder of Executive Temps employment agency in Los Angeles. She also worked an executive assistant to the chairmen of NBC and Paramount, but is now heavily focused on public speaking.

“Want to achieve greatness in your life? Serve,” said Milner.

The Leveraging UP! team consisted of DreamWorks Animation recruiter Peter Campbell, the director of the education programs at the Academy of Television: Arts & Sciences Foundation, Nancy Robinson, and Ted Milner the head of the  agency founded by Stacey Milner.

Campbell talked heavily on resume building. He pulled up real life intern applicants resumes, and went over them with the crowd. He gave tips on how to make you resume more appealing when dealing with the entertainment industry. He also brought DreamWorks Animation internship opportunities to the crowd.

Robinson brought a genuine Emmy award to display, and information about internships within her company as well, while Ted Milner focused on success stories and how his temp agency works.

Attendance was higher in the first three segments, but by the time the last segment ended attendance drizzled down significantly.

There were multiple rows of seating within the student union building multi-purpose room where the segment took place, and only about two to three rows were filled with students.

However, students who did attend all of the segments seemed to get something out of the day.

“I receive worthy advice on the next steps of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry,” said Mashari Grissom, mass communications major.

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