Freshmen fret over work of class board

By Chanel Watson

The Lincolnian

The freshman class board is off to a rocky start, students say.

“I think they need to do a better job representing,” said freshman Leilani Rhodes.

Members of the class board said they’re looking ahead to make some improvements in fundraising and activities.

“There has been some miscommunication between the board, said Class of 2017 Historian Tametra ThomasWe have ideas, but I think that we can do better with initiating our ideas. We are considering initiating our ideas next semester since this semester is almost over.”

Many freshmen say the class has not made its mark on the campus yet. They are disappointed that the board has not shared any positive ideas to raise money with the class.

Some freshmen blame themselves, too.

“We feel that it is our fault too because we didn’t know that there was a board for every class,” said freshman Ashleigh Brown. “We shouldn’t have done this the first week because we didn’t know anyone here. We should have waited to vote.”

Freshmen chose their class board within the first five days of transition week, largely based on who people knew at the time, where they were from and who was popular during that transition week.

Even upperclassmen have a negative opinion about how the freshman board is representing the class. Of course, most classes think they had the best ideas to make their experience at Lincoln as memorable as possible.

“I feel like our class made our own fun, but I think the freshman complain because they don’t know what to do to have fun,” said junior Briana Dixon. “But even when I was a freshman, the senior SGA came up with stuff for us to do. Our class didn’t have to do much.”

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