Study-abroad students share amazing stories

By Federico Ghelli

For The Lincolnian

Lincoln University students who’ve studied in another country say the experience opened their eyes to the broader world and helped them hone their foreign language skills.

“It was a tough experience at first, but fantastic at the end,” said Sarah Danaher, a senior French major, who spent the Fall 2012 semester in France.

“I would never trade study abroad for the world,” she said.

Danaher was one of three students who talked about their study-abroad experiences recently to other students interested in the program. Last academic year, 60 students studied abroad, either for a semester, for the summer or for a full year.

“You can make study abroad happen for you,” said Constance Lundy, Lincoln’s director of International Programs and Services.

“Lincoln encourages students to study abroad, and you can do it as many times as you want,” Lundy said.

The university requires students to have their courses approved by their advisers. In addition, Lincoln will guarantee financial aid if the student is already a recipient of scholarships, loans or grants.

Danaher chose to live with a French family who spoke no English so she could improve her French skills. But Lundy said students do not have to study a foreign language during their study-abroad experience.

Lafeesah Woabee spent last summer in Ghana and took three courses. She did not study the language but said the experience taught her an important lesson.

“We don’t realize how privileged we are,” Woabee said. “If you were poor in the States, you would be considered rich over there. It was a very humbling experience.”

That can be a benefit of all kinds of travel, not just study-abroad experiences, said Dr. D. Zizwe Poe, a professor and interim assistant vice president.

“Traveling change the way you see things,” Poe said.

Bobbie Snyder, a Spanish education major, went to Santa Ana, Costa Rica, during the Spring 2013 semester.

“The main reason to go there was to become fluent in Spanish,” Snyder said. “In Costa Rica, people are really friendly, and I had a great time.”

For more information, visit International Programs and Services.

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