Lincoln Lions stay true to team, despite heartbreaker

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Looking only at the scoreboard, it would be easy to think that Lincoln University’s football fans would have been a morose bunch this weekend.

The Lions lost their home opener Saturday against Livingstone College, 35-7, despite some great playing.

But the score told only part of the story.

Lions fans—students, faculty, parents and Lincoln alumni—came out to show their  pride and support in a new stadium and under near-perfect autumn skies.

“I always come back and support my Lincoln family,” said Lincoln alumnus Jason Hunt, class of 2000 and a season-ticket holder.

“I’m excited to be here since this is the football team’s first home game this season,” said Michael C. Taylor, a 1995 graduate.

“It’s also an honor to be back for the Hall of Fame recipients,” Taylor said. “I am familiar with a lot of them, and I know it makes them feel good to see some of their old peers show support as well.”

Throughout the stadium, the smell of hotdogs, popcorn and nachos filled the air, and the stands were filled with cheering, screaming and sometimes booing fans.

For some students, the day was filled with firsts.

“This is my first time being at a Lincoln football game and my first time experiencing it in the stadium. It is beautiful,” said sophomore Arielle Joseph. “The bugs are annoying me, but other than that, being here makes me feel like we are on top.”

Freshman Mia Simpson soaked in the experience.

“My first time being in the stadium for the very first game is overwhelming,” Simpson said. “The atmosphere is really family like, and it feels good to see our campus come together as one student body.”

Lincoln’s Orange Crush Band and Dancers set a massive level of energy for the fans through their music throughout the game and during their half-time performance.

“I really enjoyed the band, I always do,” sophomore Monet Little said. “But I didn’t expect Greg the drum major to go off the way he did.”

“The band did an awesome job, like always,” junior Sakura Dobbs said.

Lincoln alumni were also impressed by the band.

“Lincoln’s band improved since the inauguration,” Taylor said. “I helped plan the creation of a new band years ago, and to see how far they’ve come is an honor and it makes me proud.”

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