Fredrick Douglas Hall win 2nd Annual Non-Greek Step Show

By Nicole Webb

In Student Life & Development’s 2nd Annual Non-Greek Step Show, entitled “Wild & Crazy Kids,” all male freshman dorm Fredrick Douglass Hall took home the winning title.

The freshman boys of Fredrick Douglas Hall were led by step coach Maalik Murphy of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc., Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. “It’s an amazing feeling that the judges finally saw the hard work that our team put in. Last year, we weren’t so lucky…but this year they did and…it’s an amazing feeling,” said Murphy.

The step show, hosted by senior Marshayla Kinsel and sophomore Kyle Kelly, also included all female freshman dorm Lorraine Hansberry Hall lead by Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Inc., all female freshman dorm Ashmun Hall lead by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and upperclassmen co-ed dorm Apartment Style Living lead by Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc.

Each dorm took on a childhood cartoon theme from the 90’s in which each team was responsible for incorporating the characters of each cartoon into their step performances. ASL dorm depicted “Aahhh!!! Real Monsters,”Hansberry Hall did a rendition of “Rugrats,” Hansberry Hall took on “The Wild Thornberrys,” while winning team Fredrick Douglas Hall portrayed “Rocket Power.”

“These [teams] worked really hard. Determination is key when it comes to stepping… Greatness starts with a ‘g’ anyways. Despite the loss, these girls did great,” said Jawara Johnson, member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. and step coach for ASL dorm, who did not place in the step show.

The office of Student Life & Development plans on donating the proceeds from the step show towards a scholarship for a Lincoln University student and continuing the step show as an annual event.

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