Security Plans for Spring Fling

By: Ashley Williams

Visitors are expected to be on Lincoln’s campus this weekend for the annual Spring Fling concert/party. Throughout the years, there have been many incidents involving off-campus visitors causing havoc in dormitories, specificially in the ASL earlier this semester, and there has also been other disturbances on the yard. With this being the case, Public safety plans to have additional officers patrolling the campus and in some stationery positions in resident halls to prevent further vandalism.

According to Chief Larry Woods, the only way that vandalism will stop on our campus is by students reporting the bad guys when they are seen breaking in vending machines, putting paint on our walls, or breaking windows.

“Some areas of the campus that were vandalized during our last concert have bene updated with cameras,” said Woods. “Hopefully, we will be able to catch the individuals who are breaking into the vending machines.”

Being that Lincoln is a “Dry Campus,” alcohol consumption is another concern for the upcoming weekend. Anyone that does not attend the university found on campus under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated will be charged with a state citation and arrested. The same rules apply for Lincoln students, however in addition to these consequences, a judicial will be given and immediate suspension will occur with no exceptions to this rule.

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