Staying on Campus an Option for Senior Week

Students have the option of staying in ASL (pictured) after payment

Students have the option of staying in ASL (pictured) after payment

By: Rickiea Cohen

In recent years, senior graduates had the chance to decide where they would be spending their last senior weekend at Lincoln University. Some stayed in the newly built Apartment Style Living dorm rooms (ASL), while others resided in rooms in the Living Learning Center and the Alumni building.

However in 2013 that decision has been taken away. There is a price that has been established and a decision of where the graduates will be spending the weekend.

Class of 2012 graduate Terez Wade stated, “For our senior weekend some people did have to pay to stay on campus, but I was able to stay for free in the Living Learning Center, because of my sister being a Resident Advisor.”

There have been rumors circling around campus that declared that seniors would have to pay to stay in the Living Learning Center for their week, however that is not true.

President of the graduating class of 2013 Khrystal Whitlock, stated “graduates will be residing on one side of A.S.L. to conserve energy and everything is included in your senior dues, everyone is paying for the activities on campus not to live on campus.”

She explained that she didn’t know where that rumor started. Whitlock quoted, “Resident coordinator Mr. Timothy Lewis is encouraging seniors to pay their senior dues, because last year people were on campus and did not pay their dues.”

She explained that many of this year’s seniors have paid their dues and there will be campus events and it wouldn’t be fair that some people paid for events and others didn’t, those who don’t pay won’t be allowed to stay and participate.

The cost of senior week is $100.00 and it includes the class gift.

Students will have the chance to stay in Apartment Style living once the class board has received their dues.

Some seniors felt strongly about the rumor of staying in the Living learning center and not Apartment Style Living. Senior Kesha N-ababi stated, “I really don’t feel that it would be fair if we have to pay to stay on campus, especially if it’s not somewhere that has privacy, I would want to stay in the ASL because it’s more comfortable.”

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