Solar Energy Focus of Last Weeks Convocation

Michael Mackay

Michael Mackay

By: Timothy Alston

Last week’s convocation took a new direction from the humanities and focused on mathematics with a presentation on Solar Energy.

Guest speaker Michael Mackay, who teaches at the University of Delaware, came to enlighten students, and staff, on energy and how much of a factor it is in our daily lives.

In his book that he is currently working on, he discusses all the various areas in which energy is the most used.

Mackay says that each person gives off about 100 watts of energy a day, which equivalent to a light bulb.

“So if you ever wonder why it gets so hot in a room full of people, this is why,” Mackay jokes.

He also stressed how things we normally take for granted, use a lot more energy than we think they may do. Computers were one of these items on his list.

Not only do personal computers use energy, but places where search engines store their info give off a lot energy. They have to remember all the things we search on the internet just in case someone else has the same urge as we do.

He also took a look at energy use by nations.  Of course, the United States was at the top of the chart with the most usage. Our country also outsource from a lot of other nations, if and when those nations become powerful like the US, they too will rise on the list.

Mackay took a serious turn and stressed the emphasis of younger people taking a stand in helping to make the world a healthier place for us to live in.

“We need to train the next generation of engineers and scientists to continue the work we are doing today.”

After this lecture, everyone will be more likely to remember to turn off all electronics when leaving a room.

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