Plan Classes Before Advising Appointment

By: Alex Oates

Lincoln University’s registration period for classes began one week ago Monday. Students are urged to step up and fill out their own suggested schedules before meeting with appointed academic advisers.

Students are recommended to the webpage under the registrar tab to fill out guidance forms to be able to find out the best scheduling methods for upcoming semesters and set up appointments with their advisors.

To be able to register for upcoming semesters, students that must have a zero dollar balance as well as the advisor hold lifted off their web advisor. New holds that have gone into effect  state that students with 60 or more credits must declare a major to register for classes. Health blocks and judicial blocks may too prevent proper registration. Restrictions can be viewed in the registration section of the web advisors student menu.

“Don’t fully depend on advisers  Students should know their requirements and classes so that they can practice and make plans to graduate on time,” said Susan Chikwem, the assistant director of academic advising.

Freshmen classes entering Lincoln University have an estimated 75 percent of students that are unsure of what major to choose. The university has taken initiatives such as informing freshmen students about registration and declaring majors in First Year Experience classes.

Students who are sure of what to major in are set up with professors in that area of study while undecided and undeclared freshmen are advised to go to the Advising Center.

The Advising Center, located in Wright Hall, has set up different web based programs to help students develop ideas for majors of interest.

The advising center webpage offers FAQ’s and suggested plans and guidelines for students and their advisers.

The degree audit located in web adviser gives students the action to choose a desired major and gives them a list of requirements for that selected major to complete for graduation.

Program evaluations are able to track a current student’s progress of completed requirements and how many credits they have left to graduate. However, students are advised that if they want an accurate idea for their grade point average calculation, they must check their official transcripts which are also located in web adviser.

Emails are sent out to every student about procedures for every upcoming registration period.

Advisers take initiative to help students also by monitoring their progress and engaging their students on what is going on in their departments.

“Students are more likely to stay in their selected departments when they are cared for,” stated by Nancy A. Kenner, Director of Academic Advising Center.

Upper class men are being aided with workshops and writing proficiency programs to help them put together the proper work for portfolios which are mandatory for some majors for graduation.

A variety of summer classes are being provided for students wanting to attain extra credits for graduation at the Lincoln University graduate center located in Philadelphia. Summer classes with a “G” after the course number are the appropriate classes that can be taken in summer school.

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