Lion Media Hosts 2nd Annual Violence Awareness Concert

Lion Media presented the 2nd annual violence awareness concert on March 22nd in the International Cultural Center during Unity week.

The show featured acts by Lincoln University current students, Lincoln alumni and nearby entertainers.

Artists got the chance to express themselves to the crowd through their performances and raise awareness at the time.

City, a hip-hop and r&b artist from Philadelphia who came to perform was shot in 2007 in his neighborhood and expressed that it is important for students to get themselves out of violent situations and not allow it to affect your future.

“Even if you have no one to go to, find someone don’t be stuck in a bad situation,” he said

Dominique Ryan, another performer from South Philadelphia expressed that she loved being on the college scene around people that are just like her. She stated to students “not to be afraid if you are affected by a violent situation but to tell someone and speak out, it could help another person out.”

Solar Serious, a 2010 Lincoln graduate from Northern New Jersey, came back to perform because he loves Lincoln and felt that one should take advantage of every opportunity given. He felt that with hearing about violence each and every day one must stand up for yourself and for the people you care about because violence Is nothing to play with.

Artist C Young from Philadelphiaalso came to perform because he wanted to bring a positive message while entertaining the students. He quoted ” I have been affected by violence myself, it made me want to change and be around the right people, the people you hang around do affect your life, so live positive.”
The concert had a good turnout and students were pleased with the performances.

Deon Gravies, senior, stated at the event “I came out today just to chill and hear some good music and it was only a dollar to get in.”

To contact these artists on Instagram and twitter: @City_215, @Dominique__ryan, @solarsarious, @Cyoungtb

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