Results of Student Government Association Elections

Winnie Washington

Winnie Washington

By A. Nicole Williams

Winnie Washington will serve as the next president of the Student Government Association, and leader of the next crop of elected student officials. Last night, Lincoln University candidates and student body gathered around in the Student Union Building and eagerly awaited the announcements for the S.G.A. winners of the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 term.
Alicia Robinson of the class of 2015 was the first to be announced as Secretary with 360 votes.For Treasurer, Michael Frazier won with 366 votes. Winning with 277 votes, Lowell Howard earned the position of Vice President of External Affairs. Following Howard, Nobuko Maybin won for Vice President of Internal Affairs with 333 votes. Finally,  Washington won the position of President with 259 votes. Out of 1,475 electors, 650 of them voted which is 44.1 percent of students.

Only a sophomore, Washington did not expect to win the most dutiful position. She was very surprised that she had such great support  from students because of her lack of confidence.

“Words cannot explain how I feel. I wasn’t really confident because  . . .  I don’t think I showed enough reason as to why people should vote for me compared to them,” said Washington.

Washington has a plan to construct a “Who’s Who” for incoming freshman next semester. This will entail the creation of questionnaires to get a sense of the talents or trades students possess such as cutting hair or doing nails. This will not only bring in more revenue and recognition to the university, but will also be a business and will allow businesses to form after Lincoln.

Overwhelmed and in disbelief, Maybin expressed her gratitude for her voters.

“I don’t know why I’m not crying right now. It still hasn’t hit me,” she said. “My components were amazing. I just can’t believe that it’s me,” she added.
Maybin plans to meet with the current president, Dewayne Walker and the recently elected president to make sure that there is fortified unity from beginning to end. She plans on doing this by sticking to her platform themes which include transportation and  communication.
Students are pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to see changes made.

“This will be a great look for Lincoln,” said Juanita Morris, junior. “I can’t wait to see what next semester will be like.”

Congratulations to the new board members.

3 thoughts on “Results of Student Government Association Elections

  1. Who are the President and Vice presidents?l


    Dr. Judith A. W. Thomas, Special Assistant to the President
    International Cultural Center, President’s Suite
    Lincoln University
    Lincoln University, PA 19352
    Phone: 484-365-8151

    • In the second paragraph all winners are named. Winnie Washington won president,Nobuko Maybin won VP of Internal affairs, Lowell Howard won VP of external affairs, Michael Frazier won treasurer, and Alicia Robinson won secretary.

      -The Lincolnian Staff

  2. Congratulations to the newly elected officers of SGA!!! Looking forward to working with everyone for fiscal year 2013-2014. Kimberly A. Lloyd ’94

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