2013 SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs Candidates

Nobuko Maybin

Nobuko Maybin

Nobuko Maybin, class of 2015, An early childhood education major and a japanese minor.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

My campaign slogan is “Know Me and Vote for Nobi.”It is based on the quote “Knowledge is power,” along with the wordplay on my nickname Nobi. I believe one of the downfalls of the past student leadership of our campus is that there was not only a lack of knowledge within the student body but also within the student leadership. In the process, the students lost their voice and their power on campus. As a candidate who knows the position, the issues, and the students I feel that I can restore the power back to the students and amplify their voice with a renewed knowledge about their campus.

What are your platform initiatives?

My platform initiatives are: transportation, communication, and elevation. First as VP of Internal Affairs, I want to oversee the affairs of the Transportation Committee in the Senate to ensure that they pro-actively research a comprehensive transportation plan that will get students off campus at least once a week. Secondly, I want to work with the VP of External Affairs to establish a forum based website where students can post their comments, complaints, and information and events about their organizations on campus to the student body. Finally, Lincoln cannot expect to elevate its students unless its faculty and staff are fully evaluated. Students should be at the forefront of who teaches in our classrooms and sits in our offices. I plan to mobilize this effort by also overseeing the efforts of the Academic Concerns Committee of the Senate, and ensuring that they conduct quarterly surveys of the student’s comments or complaints of faculty and staff on campus.

What will you bring to your desired position?

As VP of Internal Affairs of SGA, you are given one of the most important jobs on campus; unify the student voice. And the only way this is made possible is through the Lincoln Senate. As the Senator of the Class of 2015 and the elected Senate Recorder, I understand how the students can truly be heard by faculty and administration. Lincoln students can no longer attempt to approach the faculty and administration with its issues individually. We need a unified and an organized effort for the administration and faculty to take us seriously. And the VP of Internal Affairs alongside the President of SGA is charged with facilitating this movement through the Senate. With my experience in the Senate and as a student who knows the issues, I am the best candidate to mobilize and amplify the students’ voice so it can not only be heard but acted upon.

Charish Anderson and Mashari Grishom have not responded to requests for submissions.


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