Finances,Convocation and Enrollment among Issues in 2013 SGA election

By A.Renee and Ashley Williams

Enrollment numbers are down. The 80/20 rule is in effect. Lincoln is now a dry campus. And the state’s financial situation could lead to further budget cuts.

Under these circumstances, Lincoln University is looking for a next generation of student leaders who can take on the many issues Lincoln University face.

So what should Lincoln University students be looking for in their next crop of leaders?

Student Government Association Executive Secretary Jennifer Gutierrez said that one of the largest issues is money for students. She said that many say they are also working and it is not paying off.

“I have also heard that students are scared to work extremely hard this semester to not be able to come back next semester and that if they do work hard next semester will make it all pointless when they get a notice saying they have a balance,” Gutierrez said.

Convocations are held every Thursday in the International Cultural Center. Lincoln University President Robert Jennings would like for more students to attend. He said he wants the future board to be able to increase the numbers of attendance.

“Future leaders can set the tone and ask students to attend the University-wide Convocations that are held on Thursdays of each week. We bring in some really top notch people and students miss out on some really valuable and great information when they do not attend,” said Jennings.

Jennings also said that future students can assist the University in going green in its sustainability efforts that he is getting ready to roll out for the University.

“The environment is important to all of us, or at least it should be,” said Jennings.

The environment is important to many but some are concerned more about the issues with the cafeteria.

“This semester alone, the café failed the health inspection twice I believe, that is a disgrace. It makes me not want to eat there,” Sierra Wright, junior said.

Wright said she wishes the higher power could work on implementing more than one meal plan too.

President Jennings said that the future candidates can assist the university by being advocates for the school.

“They can encourage fellow students to recruit students from their respective hometowns for the University when they go home on breaks. Also they can return to their respective high schools and speak to counselors and students about Lincoln and the great programs they offer,” Jennings said.

There are many pressing issues that need to be handled.

Who will be the ones to make it happen?

“I will be voting for the person who I know can represent our university in a positive light and who I know will work hard to make things happen,” said Rhena Richardson, criminal justice major.

Candidates will debates begin this Monday at 7 p.m. in Grim hall auditorium with Executive secretary and Vice president of external affairs candidates.

Vice president of Internal Affairs and Treasure candidates will debate Tuesday at 7 p.m. and the Presidential candidates debate Wednesday also at 7 p.m.

Students have the opportunity to vote March 21,2013 online in the cafeteria.

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