2013 SGA Vice President of External Affairs Candidates

Krystal Fluellen

Krystal Fluellen

Krystal Fluellen,class of 2014, a business management major and a finance minor.

Please detail your slogan.

“The vote is Krystal clear!” … It’s double word play. My name taking place of “crystal”. Meaning the reasons for voting for me should be absolutely clear.

What are your platform initiatives?

-Re-branding alumni relations through student voices. We need to re-establish our bond/relationship with our alumni, we need them! Networking with out alumni will create job opportunities, internship opportunities, and just a wealth of knowledge.
-Increasing the outreach. Lincoln provides community service, but I want other options. It is always great to want to help those around you. Even just communicating with local high schools and advertising Lincoln better to the youth around us. These students can indeed be future prospective students, but ultimately we can help make a difference in someone else’s life just by being there, giving back, and letting them know that failure can not be an option.
-Pride and student involvement. Prior to taking a survey on campus this was my biggest initiative. After taking a survey on this campus on what the student body wants to see, it remains my biggest initiative. I’ve taken over 300 surveys and about 70% of those surveys said we need pride, unity, and student involvement on this campus. We need to bring pride and unity back to this campus. Students need to be excited to do things and go to events here. Students need to be more aware of what is going on around them.

What will you bring to the desired position?

 Of course I can be cliche and say I would indeed bring great work ethic, perseverance and etc… because I know what it is to work hard and persevere. However, if elected, I would bring two things we need which is energy and personability. I relate to people very well and I am a great networker. We need someone that is going to talk to everyone on this campus with a smile. That will bring energy and passion to the campus as well as the board. Positive energy and a smile is very contagious! This can bring unity which is something we really need!

Lowell Howard

Lowell Howard

Lowell Howard, class of 2014, A mass communication broadcast journalism major.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

•       My campaign slogan is an “A Standard of Excellence”

What are your platform initiatives?
•       Repair the students wants and needs
•       Restore the unity amongst faculty staff students & alumni
•       Renew the community involvement into Lincoln University,.

What will you bring to your desired position?
•       Provide the campus with Different activities such as guest speakers, campus wide events to the campus.
•       Align students with alumni in their specific fields of study, for networking opportunities for internships, jobs, etc.
•       Have off campus constituencies aware of the campus wide activities as well as other vicinity HBCU’s through the form of press releases
•       Listening and trying my hardest to provide to the students of what they want, because that is what S.G.A. is about at the end of the day being for the students.

Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins, class of 2014, a criminal justice major.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

“Jus Vote Justin Hawkins”

What are your platform initiatives?

 We A.R.E. Lincoln
A= I want to reach back to alumni and create a mentoring program for students reach alumni who live in the same perspective areas.
R= I have built great relations with HBCU’s s such as our rival Bowie State University and I would like to continue to host innovative events where we compete against other HBCUs to not only promote unity on our campus, but promote unity amongst surrounding HBCU’s.
E= This year I want to incorporate more of the studentbody’s opinion on SGA sponsored events. Every month the student body will vote and events they would like to see on Lincoln University campus. The top event from each month will be sponsored by SGA.

What will you bring to your desired position?


Most importantly, I am rerunning for my position. I have served the studentbody in this position for over a year and it will only be more beneficial reelecting me as Vice President of External Affairs. I have hosted a very successful and fun homecoming while making tickets very affordable during these tough economic times. I have built relationships with SGA’s from many different schools and will continue network and collaborate with other HBCU’s in hosting innovative events.


Nicole Webb has not responded to requests for question submissions.

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