2013 SGA Treasurer Candidates

Hosea Crooms

Hosea Crooms

Hosea Crooms, class of 2015, a history and education major with a minor is business.

Please detail your slogan.

“I will work hard today for an easier tomorrow.”

What are your platform initiatives?

A monthly ELetter with detailed list of S.G.A. funds and distribution of funds
– Fight for higher pay wages for Student Workers
-Earlier meeting dates to determine Homecoming/Spring Fling performances
-Positive appearance on campus and restoring school pride
-Voice and hard-worker for student opinion

What will you bring to your desired position?

I will bring many values to the treasurer position if I’m elected. Those values include better image of males presence on campus, honest budget preparation, better image of student athletes, new fundraiser ideas, and campus organizational support.

Micheal Frazier

Micheal Frazier

Micheal Frazier,class of 2014, An accounting major and finance minor.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

My Campaign slogan is “Bringing Awareness Through Fiscal Transparency” which basically means letting the students know what funds S.G.A. has, and how those funds are being allocated.

What are your platform initiatives? 

If elected S.G.A. Treasurer, I plan to enlighten and service the campus. I plan to enlighten the campus on S.G.A. business ventures that pertains to the S.G.A. budget. I would also like to assist the financial aid office in better promoting and communicating scholarship and grant opportunities to the student body. I plan to be a liaison between the students and the Vice president of Fiscal affairs so I can address student concerns in reference to tuition or other financial aspects around campus.  Because Lincoln is experiencing budget cuts, I want to save as much money as possible. I plan to do this by having more fundraisers to generate revenue. One fundraising idea I have is a Thrift Sale. The thrift sale would allow students to donate usable items such as fridges, television sets, rugs etc. that can be sold to incoming freshman during their transition week.

What do you plan to bring to your desired position?

I plan to bring determination, honesty, dedication, leadership, and experience.

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