2013 SGA Presidential Candidates


Alanna Freeman

Alanna Freeman

Alanna Freeman,class of 2014, A mass communication broadcast journalism major.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

My campaign slogans: “The secret of getting ahead, is getting started.”

I also have been using “Our eyes are on the pride.”

These slogans represent the genuine love that I have for Lincoln University and how I wish to restore and regain the pride that was here when I was a freshman.

I used these slogans during campaigning week to inform the students that I notice everything that happens on campus when it comes to our happiness and well being here. The ideal atmosphere here is non-existent and as a candidate for S.G.A. President, the motivation must be started within the next board so that our peers can follow. The family vibe that helped me get through my three years here, has vanished and I whole heartly wish that it would come back. That is why I chose these slogans.

What are you platform initiatives?

I plan to be accessible, I plan to be accountable and I plan to advocate. I want the student to know that I will be accessible and be available to every concern that they may have because they are first. I would like for the next board to host monthly forums with staff and administration so that students can voice their opinions on policy changes and receive answers to questions that are not always answered because of busy phone lines or because of the absence of staff during office hours. Offices like the financial aid department, bursars office and major departments just to name a few.

I plan to be accountable by being responsible for all the concerns made by students, and to be a fair mediator and liaison to the staff and president Jennings on behalf of the student body. If elected, I would like to effectively use the evaluations committee to rate and evaluate all major departments of the university, including S.G.A. There needs to be an efficient evaluation of the food services (health inspections, contracts, etc.), public safety officers, and technology department. Our money goes toward these departments and they are not always at 100%.

Lastly, I plan to advocate for things that are missing on campus. We have yet to receive a great transportation system so that students can even go to Walmart which is less than 5 minutes away. We do not have a bus that takes students to Philadelphia when many of our students who make up the population are from that area. I would like to conduct accurate research along with the next Vice President of Internal Affairs, to find out why the first HBCU does not receive a reliable source of transportation.

What will you bring to you desired position?

 What I plan to bring to the desired position is transparency, because I would want my peers to see me for me and the honest hard work that I will put in so that I can serve them. I have been on both sides working for S.G.A. as an executive assistant and as a student who has not had any affiliation with S.G.A. Many people do not feel a connection with the board and that is very important, because they should be trusted and transparent. I am only here to help, not to act better than anyone on our campus. I feel that it is now time to break the stigma against S.G.A. and allow the students to feel extremely apart of the largest organization on campus, which is Student Government Association.

Winnie Washington

Winnie Washington

Winnie Washington,class of 2015, A Spanish and Mass communication major.

Please detail your slogan.

I decided to go with the campaign slogan, “A Vote for Me is ALWAYS a WIN”. This slogan directly relates with my name, it was catchy, and I did not want the student body to put their vote in false hope. By voting for me, however, I could guarantee a win for us all, therefore Winning with Winnie was the plan.

What are your campaign initiatives?

As the S.G.A. President, I intend to do three things which I feel will ultimately help the sustainability of this University. I will Empower, Inform, and Ignite. As a student body, we have to empower ourselves. Way too often we hear of the black race and how we do not network within ourselves to advance one another. I strongly believe that we have many students here at Lincoln University who are doing great things, whether its through organizations or personal businesses but the awareness of these student entrepreneurs are low because we do not network within the student body. We have to empower ourselves by empowering one another with knowledge, information and skills that each of us individually have and can teach someone else. I would like to start a “Who’s who at Lincoln University” this booklet would be given to all current students and students upon entrance, which would include the names of businesses, and students information to be contacted if their services are needed. This would possibly bring in more revenue for students, more recognition to the students and the University, and more unity within our student body. I plan to inform the student body of what Lincoln once was in order for us to wholesomely visualize where we want Lincoln to be. Way too often, students state that Lincoln no longer has that reign of Excellence that It once held, I intend to make my fellow colleagues more aware of the reputation of Lincoln in its current standing, showing them that it was never the reign of excellence here at Lincoln that fell but rather the expectation of failure. I will show this through the continuous participation of a variety of alumni who will speak to the students on Lincoln then and how it relates to Lincoln now. I would also like to bring in significant leaders who were not alumni of Lincoln University but they also hold Lincoln in high regard. This will encourage the student body that Lincoln is still alive and well but our generation has to wake up, shake up, and break up this mediocrity that has become way too familiar and comfortable within our University. Last but not least, I would like to Ignite my fellow colleagues. I once heard that the difference between a good leader and a great leader is that a good leader leads with confidence but a great leader inspires the people with confidence within themselves. I want to encourage my student body to take a look individually and figure out what they want, what inspires them, what is their drive and how it relates to Lincoln. If the individualism is established, we will ultimately become whole again. I often use a huge bond fire as an example of Lincoln, and we the student body are the sparks which it takes to ultimately light the fire and sustain the fire. If the sparks are lit within the students, the fire of Lincoln will not only light, but it will sustain.

What will you bring to your desired position?

I will bring my genuine passion, relationships, and skills to this position as S.G.A. President. I have my own nonprofit M.A.D.E (Motivated Adults Developing Excellence) which was founded in 2006, in Atlanta, Ga. Through my experience with M.A.D.E. I have learned many skills of leadership that I feel will directly relate to this position. Please feel free to check me out at http://www.becomemade.org. Over the years, through working under numerous boards and organizations, I will bring my relationships with other Universities, state governments, celebrities, and many more to enhance this university. Ultimately I will bring my passion for my student body and this University. Serving my University is not an obligation; it is a deep, passionate, and irresistible desire to see the betterment of my family here at Lincoln University. I always tell students, I cannot be who I ought to be, until you are to you ought to be, and Lincoln University cannot be who it ought to be, until we all are united within.

Jennifer Gutierrez

Ms. Gutierrez has not responded to our request for a submission.

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