BEEP Conference Prepares Students for Life After College

BEEP Conference

New inductees of Sigma Beta Delta honors society pose for a photo at banquet honoring their achievements.

By: Alex Oates

The Black Executive Exchange Program was held yesterday for Lincoln University students majoring in business and entrepreneurial studies.

The conference was sponsored by the National Urban League. The league is a civil rights organization based in New York City. It is also the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the United States.

The theme of this years event was leadership development and codes for employment. Business professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs shared business tips and explained correct attire for the workplace.

“Knowledge about professions is to help transition out students into professionals,” said  Professor Kennie Edwards, the coordinator for the event.

A discussion panel was set in place for students to ask questions to insurance company directors and law firm partners concerning the workplace.

Certified public accountant exam forums also took place and posed discuss questions for students majoring in accounting, management, information systems, and minors in entrepreneurships.

“The discussion panel and mentors instructed us how to really learn how to present ourselves and teach us what we need to look forward to in the future and maintain complete professionalism,” said Christopher Burton, a management and information technology major.

The conference ended with an induction banquet by Sigma Beta Delta to recognize and congratulate students in the honor society for their high achievements.

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