Spring Break is Finally Here!

By Timothy Alston

The prayers for a quick break from books, studying and endless lecturing have finally been answered for Lincoln University students. After a stressful week of mid-terms, students are being rewarded with a week-long break, something this campus hasn’t seen in years.

This will be the first year that Lincoln has decided to give students a week off after many years of its traditional three-day mid-term break weekend. With it being a long week, many students will be taking full advantage of being away.

Many students, including much of our athletes, will be making their way to North Carolina for the CIAA Tournament, which takes place February 25 to March 2.

“Starting the year off we were picked to finish 6th, now we are fighting for 3rd which is why we plan on winning the CIAA,” said senior Brittney Waters who plays shooting guard for the Women’s Basketball team.

Waters said the team’s season reminds her of her favorite quote.

“The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires; if you want it badly enough there are no limits on what you can achieve,” she said.

The week-long event hosts sporting events, parties and networking opportunities for athletes and spectators alike.

Some will be using the free time to do well and give back to their communities.

“I’ll be spending most of the break in Atlantic City helping to develop a community program for young men,” says current Mr. Lincoln Carmelo Thomas.

For other students the week will be a more relaxed one.

“My only plans for spring break are to not have any plans at all,” says senior Cheyenne Simon.

The break isn’t just a cry for relief from students, faculty members have also rejoiced in the campus being totally shut down.

“I plan to catch up on some reading and prepare myself for all the events Student Life and Development have planned for after the break,” says Shawn Moore who is the Coordinator of Student Life and Development.

Many faculty members, who conduct research outside of their scheduled teaching, will be using much of their time to work on their research.

Students will return on Sunday, March 3rd to finish out the semester.

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