Help to Better Lincoln


Once again, Lincoln has entered in Home Depot’s Retool Your School competition. The university had a great support system last year with the votes rapidly coming from students, faculty, and alumni which led to our victory. We were competing against Alabama A&M University for a total of $185,000 in grants for necessary facility and campus upgrades. This year’s campus improvement entails an increase in the number of grants offered to an HBCU that totals out to $195,000.

There will be a $50,000 Tier I Grant, 12 $10,000 Tier II Grants, and a $25,000 Campus Pride Grant awarded by Home Depot to this year’s winner. Voting started on Feb. 18 leaving the site open to everyone to keep the votes rolling.

The betterment doesn’t end there. Lincoln is also currently number one in The Toyota Green Initiative Challenge which is “an environmental stewardship platform designed to empower people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.” This challenge is organized to provide information on green jobs by working with educators, HBCUs, and environmental nonprofits. All CIAA and SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) affiliated schools are to pledge the most “promises” on their school’s behalf. Ultimately, the school with the most promises will win a $1,000 scholarship endowment and $4,000 toward building a new or renovating a Green House on campus.

By: A. Nicole Williams

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