Lincoln promotes safer sex for Condom Awareness Month

National Condom Month Booth

National Condom Month Booth

By Alex Oates

Wellness Center staff sponsored National Condom Day in the Wellness Center for Valentine’s Day in support of National Condom Month.

Students were given the opportunity play raffles to win free condoms, learn about health benefits to safer sex, and enjoy treats provided by the Wellness Center staff.

“The only thing more important than free condoms is free knowledge. Events like this are important not only because it prevents the spread of diseases, but also prevents the spread of ignorance,” said Willie Eatmon, a Lincoln University junior.

National Condom Month was created by the American Social Health Association. Its purpose is to inform Americans about sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Statistics show that 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases and infections occur in the United States every year.

Half of these cases occur between the ages of 15-24.

Couples on campus still found the time to join in and be informed for Valentine’s Day.

I plan on taking my girlfriend out on a date but we decided to attend the event first so that we can be informed and stay safe,” said by Earl Washington, a Lincoln University freshman.

Many students overall are happy to know that the Wellness Center played its part in light of National Condom Month.

“I’m glad this event was held because the importance of safe sex helps students learn more about their bodies and how to prevent pregnancies. This helps keep students focused so that they don’t forget why they’re in college,” stated by Ashley Tidom, a health science major.

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