Health care and substance abuse theme of Thursday convocation

By Ashley Reding

Health care was the focus of Lincoln University’s convocation on Thursday, Feb. 14.

This convocation featured representatives of the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Penn Medicine, notably, Dr. A. Thomas McLellan.  The event was  sponsored by the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies  and Kevin Favor, a professor in the psychology department.

McLellan’s presentation focused on health care reform,  notably the Affordable Care Act, and the impact it may or may not have upon substance abuse.

McLellan said the purpose of  the reform is  obtain coverage for underinsured people, reduce the rates of cost, and improve care quality.

Along with his colleagues, MeLellan emphasized that when it comes to substance use disorders more than half are not being treated or won’t even admit that they have a problem.

One of problems, McLellan said, is that some don’t feel comfortable discussing their substance abuse to their primary care nor to anyone else for that matter.

“Doctors have a special place of being able to get some of the information early but in addition sometimes people are unaware of how far out of normal particularly their drinking is,” said Adam Brooks, one of McLellan’s colleagues with TRI.

MeLellan’s colleagues Adam Brooks and David Metzger explained that TRI along with other colleges and universities including Lincoln University is working on a project targeting people who are not getting treated on substance abuse, who have an addiction.

TRI also aims to provide excellent health services research training to Lincoln University students.  TRI hopes to work along side with some of Lincoln University students to excel with this project.

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