ASL residents threatened with fine after building trashed during Founder’s Weekend

This vending machine, located in Apartment-Style Living, was vandalized during Founder's Day weekend

This vending machine, located in Apartment-Style Living, was vandalized during Founder’s Day weekend

The aftermath of Founder’s Day weekend left Apartment-Style Living in an unfortunate state of affairs.

On the night of Feb. 9, the building was vandalized as intoxicated students and visitors left a hole in the fourth floor wall, vomited on the floors of the building, and sprayed a fire extinguisher around the building.  A vending machine was also vandalized.

As a result of the chaos, Jonathan Harris, the residence hall coordinator of ASL, issued a community fine to residence of the dormitory, although the students had a chance to have the fine removed if they participated in the building’s cleaning.

Harris also stated, in an email obtained by the Lincolnian, that visitation to the dormitory would be forbidden until Sunday, Feb. 17.  Any students who violate the visitation order will be issued a fine of of $225, Harris said.

He also requested that the students offer a letter of apology to maintenance staff.

“Imagine if a family came here on a tour today or Monday morning and saw this,” Harris said in the email to students.

Photos attached to the email showed the level of destruction caused to the dormitory.

In one, a pile of vomit is visible in a hallway, next to several other items of trash, including plastic cups.  Harris also set a picture of the hole in the wall.

“It was so much chaos that night,” said Kierra Petus, junior. “People were fighting on almost every floor.”

Harris did take time to thank, in his email, students from three rooms who helped clean the dormitory the morning after the chaos.

One of those students was Jose Sanchez.

“We just figured that we’d help because we didn’t want to see our living space like that,” Sanchez said.

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