Forensic Society, Honors Society debate

A student prepares to speak at the Founders Day debate Friday.

A student prepares to speak at the Founders Day debate Friday.

By: Ashley Reding

Members of Lincoln University’s Forensic Society and Horace Mann Bond Honors Society squared off during a debate on Saturday featuring a controversial topic.

“Resolved:  Historically Black Colleges Universities should be abolished.”

“This was an important topic and will be discussed over the course of the next few years,” said Lewis Thomas, who was one of the four judges of the debate, and former president of the Forensic Society.

Taking the affirmative, the Forensic Society touched basis on the fact that HBCU’s will never be able to compete with predominately White institutions also known as PWI’s. The Honors Society debated the negative, suggesting that HBCU’s are essential to people of color and play a significant role to African Americans.

The Forensic Society, led by  Judith Thomas, the former dean of the school of social sciences and behavioral students, continues to remind Lincoln of the power of communication and speech.

“It is so important to communicate effectively,” said Thomas, emphasizing that the Forensic Society is more of a speech club.

Latoya Cunningham, a senior and a member of the forensic society informed me that the Forensic Society does a number of oratorical competitions besides debating.

The forensic society continues to meet every Thursday in the International Cultural Center (ICC) at 4:30 p.m. in room 103, and is open to all.

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