Staffing, financial issues likely to dominate Board of Trustees meeting

Issues involving staff and faculty contracts may highlight Friday’s Board of Trustee’s meeting.

The meeting, which will be held in the International Cultural Center from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., comes only days after the university publically announced its plans to cut the hours of clerical staff, and outsource much of the work performed by the Physical Plant.

As reported in the Daily Local News, President Robert Jennings enacted the cuts to make up for losses caused by the “struggling economy and our enrollment.”

Projected enrollment declined by 75 to 100 students, Jennings said.

The report in the Daily Local News also said the state rescinded $558,000 in support.

Faculty may also face challenges as a result of the cuts.

In a copy of the same letter used for the Daily Local News report obtained by The Lincolnian, Jennings said faculty members will not receive pay cuts, but could be forced to work short staffed.

This is because Jennings has ordered a freeze on all hiring of faculty members, according to the letter.

Several staff and faculty members who wished to remain anonymous have expressed concerns over the issue, and stated that the contract situation has been discussed during recent union meetings.

Faculty and staff work under union contracts.

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