Lincoln U. giving students a break

By Ashley Williams

After years of not being able to enjoy the kickoff of the spring season, Lincoln students will finally have the opportunity to have a nice, long week off from classes.

Implemented under the administration of President Robert Jennings, students and faculty will enjoy the break from Feb. 24 to March 3.   In past years, students only received on day off following midterms.

“I’m so glad we actually get to have a little vacation this year,” said Jasmine Upchurch, junior at Lincoln. “All my friends back home always go on trips and I’m never able to go because I would have to go right back to class that following Monday,” she added.

While places in Florida and Texas are usual Spring Break destinations, many Lincoln students may select Charlotte N.C. as their vacation choice.

The annual Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Tournament will be held in Charlotte from  Feb. 27 to March 2.

 Lincoln’s women’s and men’s basketball teams partake in this event every year while some of the student body takes it upon themselves to go as a support system and to relish a series of festivities.

Juanita Morris, junior at Lincoln, is appreciative of the school’s consideration for students this time around.

“The CIAA always interfered with classes for me, so now I can go and support my boyfriend during his games out there,” Morris said. “So although its a little early for a spring break, at least Lincoln is basically letting those who want to attend the tournament do so without missing any classes. I’m excited.”

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