Carl Walton delivers annual MLK address

8433446800_9261403db9_zBy Lorel Durant

Carl Walton, Vice President for Student Affairs, delivered lessons from the legacy of Martin Luther King in his address “Your Dream…Unchained,” in honor of the late leader at Thursday’s convocation in the International Cultural Center.

Walton encouraged students to prepare for their destiny through pursuing their education, finding a support group, and adopting a no fear attitude as Dr. King had done.

“You don’t have to have parents with degrees or Ph.D to get opportunities,” Walton said.

Brandon Harris, presiding President Pro temp, Student Government Association began the convocation with some brief announcements. He was followed by Rev. Frederick Faison with the invocation.

The university’s gospel choir sang their rendition of I am What You See arranged by Bishop Paul S. Morton.

“It was a really good conversation,” said accounting Freshman Alexis Van Patrick.

Walton went on to warn students to stay away from things that may block their dreams.

“You cannot let the dream killer win. Dr. King surrounded himself with Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and Joseph Lowery,” Walton said.

On June 6th, 1961, Dr. King stood on Lincoln’s campus and gave his speech The American Dream and was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Fellows degree from the university.

“It means a lot to me to be going to the same university where Dr. King once spoke. His legacy will be with us forever,” said Junior Computer Science major Bilal Key.

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