Chester County Alumni Association back in operation

By Monique-Kita Williams

The Chester County, Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University is back and roaring.

Membership to the Chester County Chapter is officially open for all Chester County alumni and supporters of Lincoln University.

On November 14th, the newly reinstated Chester County (Chesco) Chapter convened in the private dining hall of the cafeteria building.  Rita Dibble, Lincoln University Director of Alumni Relations, along with Anita Lynn, Assoc. VP for Institutional Advancement greeted the group.

“We are very happy to provide our support to the Chester County Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University”, said Dibble.

When asked by Chesco Chapter President, Carol Black ’67, if any announcements for the use of the “Retool Your School” Home Depot award of $50,000 were approved, Dibble replied, “Yes.  The $50,000 Home Depot award will be used to renovate the Alumni House.”  Lynn added, “Upon completion, there will be seven beautiful suites to accommodate alumni and guests traveling to the campus.  Also, the Alumni Relations Department will be located on the first level of the building.”

 Lincoln University President, Dr. Robert Jennings and over 20 Chesco alum and supporters met on August 29 regarding reinstatement of the inactive chapter.  Jennings said, “I am very happy to meet with such a dedicated group representing the Chester County area Alumni of Lincoln University and look forward to working with you.”

 At the meeting, a petition to reinstate the Chapter was executed and officers were elected.  The Chesco Chapter received its charter at the Executive Council meeting of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University on October 27.

 According to data provided by Lincoln’s Alumni Relations Department, there are approximately 400 Lincoln alumni residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  “There’s tremendous power in those numbers”, said one observer of the August 29th meeting.

 Anna Carter ’68 said, “This chapter is putting new breath into a fresh era, to reach the heights which we are moving.  I foresee wonderful opportunities for alumni to meet, and to make a difference.  Together, we are a collective force…we are one.”

 “By reaching out to the alumni members, we will assist in bringing them to campus in order to interact with students,” said Susan Pevar.

 The chapter will broaden its role, according to organization initiatives.  Attendees of the November 14th meeting shared their vision and goals.

 Lloyd Asaragus ’68 stated, “The Chesco chapter will interact with Lincoln students and the surrounding communities to produce quality leaders and better living conditions for everyone.”

 “We will reach out to alumni as well as future students in surrounding area middle schools and high schools.  Working with students and admissions on campus will make this happen,” said David Hardy ’81.

 Terre Lewis ’83 stated, “We have to be the change that we want to see in the world and therefore are encouraging young people and the larger community to come together in order to serve.”  Lewis continued, “What will make us more powerful and impactful in our communities is the collective desire for service and to make that change.”

 Daniel Lee ’70 is one of five Lincoln Alumni in his family.  Lee’s father, brother, wife and son have all graduated from Lincoln.

 Lee informed, “I plan to see Lincoln University grow and become more competitive with other universities in the country.  The pride of Lincoln excellence which coined the school as “the Princeton of HBCU’s” in past years is coming back.  The school is growing, and state-of-the-art technology is present everywhere on campus.   There’s the brand-new Science Building, Wellness Center, football stadium, library, and apartment-style dormitory to name a few.”  Lee concluded, “Lincoln prepares a student for life.”

 Rev. Tyrone Jones ’89 wrapped up the evening stating, “The vision and purpose of the Chester County chapter is to give back even more than what has been given to us; not only to the Chester County area, but also to present and future students and alumni around the world.”

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