LU Students Encouraged To Get Healthy

By  Tia’s Hammond

The two posters promote students to be healthy and fit. The “Eat Me” poster gives tips on how to eat and stay healthy. The “Use Me” poster gives tips on how often one should exercise to stay fit.

Shelley Johnson, Director of the Males Minorities Health Center, explains that she got the idea from looking at other schools social marketing.

The posters caught the eye of many students. Senior Chelsea Baines said, “At first I noticed the words ‘eat me’ then I read the whole poster.” Baines admitted that reading the posters made her evaluate her unhealthy eating habits.

The posters also provide new information for some students. Alexa Hartgrove said, “The posters are catchy. I didn’t know how important whole grains are in a meal. ”

According to Johnson, a healthy plate consists of half vegetables, a quarter should be meats, and the rest should be whole grain. Many students don’t eat according to what’s healthy. Johnson said, “We’re creatures of our own environment, we bring our eating habits to college with us.”

There are students that come to college and gain what is called the “freshman 15.” Students can learn the little things that can be changed in their eating habits by visiting the Male Minorities Health Center.

Johnson explains that white bread does not have any nutrition because it’s all taken out and dyed. Also by removing the skin from chicken and dabbing the grease off pizza can make your eating habits much healthier.

The posters also encourage students to go check out the new Wellness Center. The Wellness Center has its own gym and place to work out.

“I want the posters to encourage students to eat smarter and to exercise more,” said Jones

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