LU Women of the Year Awards

By Paige Mitchell
A Lincoln University campus annual tradition is to nominate Women of the Year. This is a celebration of four women, who were chosen to reign as Woman of the Year of the class for the entire academic school year. The four outstanding women are chosen by a committee to represent their class, and portray what it means to be a true Lincoln woman.
Co-host and former woman of the year for the class of 2013, Shakeerah Plummer said, “characteristics of a Lincoln woman, is a woman who respects herself and others. A woman who is honest, personable, reliable, scholarly, confident and motivated no matter the circumstances or the situation.”
The event was held on Wednesday Nov. 14 at 6:00 p.m. in the faculty Dining Hall. It was a private event specially held for close friends and family. The Women’s Leadership Council and the Women’s Center sponsored the event.
The four women honored were Alicia Robinson of 2015, Oluwatobie Fatunmbi of 2014, Shauna Ebanks of 2013 and Gwendolyn Stevens of 2012. They each represented their different classifications and made their fellow classmates proud as they serve as woman of the year.
Honoree Alicia Robinson said, “with God, all things are possible. I am truly pleased to win an award such as this. To be selected from hundreds of students is phenomenal. This is a blessing, and I will do my very best to be a great role model and woman of the year.”
The reception went on with presenting the honorees with gifts and plaques and congratulating them on their success, while hosts presented them with heart felt speeches and poetry.
Honoree Shauna Ebanks said, “coming all the way from Jamaica, I feared that I wasn’t going to be accepted. But that is no fear of mine anymore. I love Lincoln, and it is nice to recognize when you do good and work hard.”
All of these outstanding young women hold 3.0 GPA’s and above, they are heavily involved on campus and participate in many community service activities. Fatunmbi has recently held a bra drive event and Robinson plans to hold an event for empowerment of women next semester, where they will decorate crowns.
Director of the Women’s Center, Rachel Manson said, “the ceremony turned out beautifully, and the young women awarded are beautiful and I’m sure will do well.”
Honoree Oluwatobie Fatunmbi said, “I am just so honored to uphold this opportunity, and I just want to take the time to thank Mrs. Manson, the Women’s center, friends, and family for their love and support.”
These young women have committed to serving the campus and the Women’s Center, while putting on community service events.

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