Annual International Food Festival

By Paige Mitchell
Lincoln University students came out in their numbers for the annual International Food Festival on Nov. 13 in Grim Hall. The event took place from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and was sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature and the Office of International Programs and Services.
The event was packed with students of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from start to finish. The line was out the door, full of excited students waiting and anticipating to travel the world through their taste buds.
Rakiya Townsend said, “The food was delicious! I come every year. I enjoy learning and taking part in different cultures. It’s exciting, educational and fun.”
The line led to a long table in the back of the room, which was filled with different foods. There was Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French and many other cuisines. Each country had their own section of the table where they served an appetizer, entree, or desert.
Many of the students enjoyed the sushi rolls, which were made with rice, spinach and tuna, while others liked the meatballs.
The meatballs were made with green peppers, pork and rice.
The event was free, and students were given the opportunity to take recipes home if they wanted to try them later with their friends and families.
Khaliya Smith said, “This was my first year attending this event. I wanted to come because I always hear great things about it. I tried every food. Many of the recipes and dishes were interesting, but I enjoyed it.”
The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature was very pleased with the event. They are always very excited to hold the event for students every year.

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