The LRC- Ready to Advance Learning

By Paige Mitchell

This semester, the Learning Resource Center is back in full effect. It started Oct. 15 in a new location on campus.  It is a place where students from all departments can come for study hours and tutoring sessions.

Each day of the week that peer tutoring is available, the peer tutors concentrate on different subjects from courses and departments throughout the campus. Tutoring can help with Freshman Year Experience, Biology, Organic Chemistry and Spanish to name a few. The tutoring consists of a wide range of courses.

Lincoln University senior of 2013, Calistra Burgess said, “I was excited to see that the Learning Resource Center was back. This center has always been a place where I spent many hours studying away from the library. It gives students the opportunity to further themselves because of the information given and the tutoring sessions. I’m very pleased that it has returned.”

Last semester, the student body was notified that the learning resource center would not continue to be open when students returned to campus in the fall of 2012. However, students, faculty, and staff were in agreement that this program was not one that should be taken away. After several meetings about the issue, the Learning Resource Center is back.

The center was not only a place for academic advancement but it also provided students with job opportunities. Students were needed to work the front desk as reception, and to work as tutors.

Lincoln University alumni, Gwendolyn Stevens said, “Working in the Learning Resource Centers was one of the highlights of my experience at Lincoln University. Working to help youth is something I want to do in my career, and it was a great feeling being able to open the door of opportunities for students. I enjoyed helping my peers on campus, and I personally saw how it helped people raise their grades. I know this is something that students will take advantage of, and I’m glad it is offered again.”

The Learning Resource Center in located in Wright Hall on the second floor, and is available to all students Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. The peer tutoring will taking place until Dec. 7.

“Ever since the learning resource center has opened back up, I have been there at least three times a week. I encourage others to go as well,” Latoya Williams said.

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