LU Goes To Oxford For Homecoming Parade

By Asia Cobbs

On Oct 27 2012, Lincoln University had their annual Homecoming Parade in the town of Oxford, Pa., instead of on campus.

The parade consisted of the Mr. and Ms. Lincoln, the Royal Court of Lincoln University, the Orange Crush Marching Band, the Fe-Lions cheerleaders and other organizations from Lincoln University.

Also in the parade were marching bands and floats from schools near the town.

The parade was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Transportation was provided for students.

Some students said they would have preferred if the parade was held on campus so students wouldn’t have to worry about catching the bus.

“I’d rather not have to worry about a bus but be able to leave my room, go to the parade, and come to my room when I’m ready,” Evon Harris, senior, said.

Watching along the sidewalks, were the Oxford community and some parents of Lincoln University students.

Whitney Norbutas, manager of Burger King, said the parade was nice and short.

“Having other people outside of the university was really nice too, it was different,” Norbutas said.

Usually, the parade has almost all organizations of the university participating.

Some students wanted to participate and regretted not being a part of it.

“I was actually looking forward to being in the parade this year,” said Anthony Frink, member of Boys II Men organization.

Others were rather overjoyed with being absent.

“I get tired of having to prepare for the parade, I just wanted to be able to enjoy my homecoming,” Keira May, member of Quest II Womanhood.

May thought that sometimes it is just pointless for almost every single organization to be in the parade and changes can be good.

Some students had an issue with the parade because it normally takes place after the big homecoming game.

“Honestly, the parade after the game is like a tradition now,” said Simone Cotton, a senior and cheerleader.  “It’s been done that way ever since I came here.”

Even though there were some differences, the weather was pleasant and proved to be a great day to go into town and witness the parade.

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