Homecoming Football Game: LU v. BSU

By Antoine Aluqdah
The homecoming/senior day football game against Bowie State University ended in a loss for Lincoln with a final score of 45-9.

The defense gave up over 30 points in the first half.

“We could’ve swayed the game our way. We just couldn’t get it done,” said Lions Head Coach O.J. Abanishe.

Unlike the past football games were the Bulldogs manhandled the Lions through running the ball, this year Bowie State came with a balanced attack against the Lions.  The Bulldogs quarterback threw for 238 yards and as a collective unit the offense ran the ball for over 166 yards.

“It seems like any defensive we tried they just exploited it no matter what we thew at Bowie,” said Abanishe.

For the Lions, quarterback Doug Cook and running back Gerald Swain accounted for most of the yards in last weekend’s contest.

Cook threw for 276 yards and Swain had 143 all-purpose yards.

Gerald Swain said, “For this being my last home game for the Lions, I wish them the best of luck for next season. As a team we tried our best in this game but it just wasn’t meant to win.”

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