Brawl On The Runway

By Tia’s HammondZiana’s traditional midnight fashion show this year almost had a turn for the worst. The show was a dramatic change from the others.

Only an hour into the fashion show a fight broke out, threatening to end the show. Chairs were being thrown and people were falling out of their chairs.

Many students were upset that the fight broke out.

Janee Stevens, a former board member of the fashion group, said “I was upset because our show is a tradition and we never had a fight in all our years.”

The fight was between a Lincoln University alumnus and a current student.

Tiffany Murray said “I was going to ask for my money back if public safety was going to shut it down. The show had just started.”

Students could not believe that someone would start a fight at such an event. Senior Khaliah Brooks was upset about the fight and felt that LU students should have evnts like this without hitches.
“This never happens at Ziana’s events. I can’t believe these students,” said Brooks.

The show was longer than it usually is due to the fight. Public safety had to try to find and remove the distraction in order to continue the show.

When the show finally started the DJ played current music, which renewed the excitement of the crowd to see the fashion show.

Senior Magenta Riggins said “ The DJ got the vibe of the crowd back to where it was. It was as if the fight never happened.”



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