Alumni Victory Party

By Frantasia Walden
The Alumni Victory Party took place outside on the plots Saturday Oct. 27 before the Student Government Association concert and afterparty. Greeks and social fellowships came out in their numbers to host cookouts for the campus wide celebration.

The bottom of the U was packed with alumni and current students enjoying the school’s annual homecoming festivities.

Alumna, Nandi Marshall said, “It feels good to be back at school and seeing old faces all coming together and catching up.”

The weather was pleasant, considering the imminent storm, which aided in brightening the spirits of the crowd. The pride the students and alumni have toward their school was on display.

“There was no drama, everyone was outside enjoying themselves, I love my HBCU,” said Marshall.

Each Greek and social fellowship organization had their own grill set up on their respective plot.
“The alumni victory party was a great preparation for the night’s festivities” says Alum, Musashi Ellis.

Current students and alumni were going from plot to plot, socializing with one another. It was a huge reunion and for some, a meet and greet accompanied by food, drinks and music.

“Students look forward to these types of homecoming events, this is usually the time when you have all your fun and see people you haven’t seen in a while,” says Timothy Alston.

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