Students Give a Proud Lincoln Roar at the Homecoming Pep Rally

By Paige Mitchell

“L.U. Lincoln Pride,” was the chant students said with pride at the Lincoln University’s Homecoming pep rally held Thursday Oct. 25. This pep rally was like no other because it was the start of a new Lincoln tradition, by hosting the event in the football stadium.

Students showed much pride, and painted the stadium orange and blue with their Lincoln University attire. The event began at 6:00 p.m.  and was hosted by senior class member Richard Lancaster and Director of Student Life & Development Ihsan Mujahid. The host excited the crowd of students with their enthusiasm.

The pep rally kicked off with the introduction of the Orange Crush Marching Band.
Kayla Lee, Lincoln Alumna said, “I enjoyed the pep rally very much. There was much unity amongst the students, and the amount of pride was phenomenal”.

Lee went on to say “I especially wanted to attend this event, because I wanted to see the new football stadium. Everyone did great, but I enjoy Orange Crush Marching Band and the cheerleaders the most, because I believe they are the heartbeat of Lincoln.”

Followed by the introduction of the band the Student Government Association, High Court and Court of Royalty and Excellence was announced and recognized on the field.

Mr. and Miss. Lincoln glistened in the lights, wearing their crowns as the crowd roared with excitement.

Mr. Lincoln Carmelo Thomas said, “The pep rally has always been one of my favorite homecoming events. Not because they announce my name, or because I get to wear a sash, but because it is one of the times that students all over campus come together and share unity amongst each other. The pep rally gives all of the chance to have fun and enjoy our fellow class mates.”

The Lincoln University sports team was also recognized on the football field. Ivan Mitchell, member of 2013 and football player gave a speech to the student body and faculty about the football team’s appreciation for its fans.

As the recognition of the senior class approached the crowd anticipated what the seniors were going to do this year. To some students’ surprise when the 2013 class was announced its members ran out onto the field, doing the 2013 shuffle dance.

The 2013 executive board also had an interesting surprise for the crowd, when they performed a dance with the Orange Crush Marching Band.

Dejour Young from the class of 2014 said “My jaw dropped as I watched the 2013 board dance with the band. They did a great job, and I was impressed by how well they performed. No one expected them to do that.”

The pep rally ended with a performance by Lincoln’s very own FE-Lion Cheerleading team.
Justin Hawkins of Student Government Association said, “The pep rally went far beyond my expectations. I had a great time!”

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