Lincoln’s First: Bowie Funeral

By Paige Mitchell

Oct. 25, Lincoln University held the Bowie University funeral near the football stadium. The funeral took place directly after the homecoming pep rally. The Orange Crush Marching Band and FeLion Cheerleaders led the campus to the site where the casket and Bowie Bull dog mascot were burned.
Universities holding funeral towards their competitors is a well-known tradition to many historically black colleges in the south. However, this was new for Lincoln’s campus.
President Dr. Jennings and Student Government Association thought it would be fun to bring that Southern tradition up North to Lincoln University.
The cheerleaders were dressed in all black, while the girls’ basketball team was placed to act as if they were Bowie’s family members.
Holly Draper said, “At first, I thought the funeral was unusual because I never heard of it before, but after attending the event I liked it. The girls’ basketball team did a great job acting, and made the setting hilarious. I thought it was fun. I really hope Lincoln wins this football game on Saturday.”
The crowd of students gathered around the casket, patiently waiting for the casket to go up in flames. The marching band performed songs, while the girls’ soccer team passed out giveaways to the crowd.
President Dr. Jennings, University Chaplain Rev. Faison and other members of faculty participated in the funeral.
“I think the Bowie funeral was fun, and I think this is something Lincoln should do next year to,” India Barber of the senior class said.
The Lincoln University’s football team played Bowie State University Saturday Oct. 27, at noon. Students were hoping the Lions would bring home a victory.

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