Friday Feature: VP for Institutional Advancement Anita Lynn

By Ericka Blackwell

Lincoln University welcomes Anita Lynn as the new Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Lynn grew up in Paducah, Ky. She attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. for undergraduate and graduate schooling, where she studied British History.

 Upon graduation, Lynn lived in Australia for three and a half years. She worked as the Editorial Assistant for University Press, and was the book review columnist in one of the national newspapers.

“I was glad I had a passport and could come home. It was a maturing experience,” said Lynn.

Lynn went on to explain that “you learn to appreciate what you have in culture and not just how you live.”

After returning from Australia Lynn lived in Portland for eight years. There is where she made her niche’ in fundraising. She said that she was a heavy user of the public library system. The funding for the public libraries was voted on in a regular election. Lynn was asked to participate in the campaign, since she was “an enthusiastic supporter.”

“I did a lot of public speaking urging voters to support the library funding, and we won. The funding initiative passed, and I was hooked on raising money for a good cause,” said Lynn.

Eventually she moved to Philadelphia in 1994 and received the professional position in fundraising at Valley Forge Military Academy and College. She later moved on to the Mental Health Associates, then The Red Cross. Lynn has recently worked for six and a half years as a consultant with a software company at the time called Datatel. They now go by Ellucian. Lincoln was one of the clients.

Lynn joined the Lincoln family two weeks ago.

“It has been terrific,” said Lynn, when asked about her experience so far at Lincoln. “…I’ve had the chance to hear from students in the Town Hall meeting and Student Executive Council and I am tremendously impressed with them…students displaying initiative that would shame some long-time professionals with whom I’ve worked.”

When asked what plans Lynn has for the University in this time of budget crisis.

Lynn stated, “In addition to getting the Advancement area operation running at its most efficient, I will be helping the administration build a plan for long-term, effective funding for the University…helping to assure that as many outstanding students as possible have the funding they need to balance the level of contribution they and their families can provide for their education.”

Lynn would eventually like to see Lincoln be able to compete with Drexel, Penn LaSalle, and other Philadelphia area universities.

There is one thing that Lynn would like the Lincoln community to know about her.

“I don’t know if anything about me is unique, but I do know that not many Kentucky girls over 50 years old are rabid NHL fans, and I am one!” she said.

Welcome Anita Lynn.

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