Donate a Bra or a Dollar Today For Free the Girls Foundation

By Paige Mitchell
October is Breast Cancer Month and Lincoln students are actively promoting awareness on campus.Tuesday, Oct. 9, Lincoln University’s Woman of the year Oluwatobi B. Fatunmbi and Chalwe Diallo hosted a bra drive and information session in the Ivory Nelson Science Building from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
For the month of October the Women’s Center will be holding a bra drive in honor of breast cancer month. All bras and money donations go towards the Free the Girls Foundation.
Free the Girls is an organization that educates about human trafficking, modern day slavery, and global issues.
A great amount of students and faculty members came out to the event.
Chalwe Diallo said, “I stumbled upon the Free the Girls Facebook page, and visited their website.” She went on to say that their story impacted her because she is a native of Zambia, which is a neighboring country to Mozambique.  “Mozambique is where the organization sends their bras, and builds job initiatives for trafficking survivors,” she said.
While working closely with Rachel Manson, Director of Counseling Services and the Women’s Center, Diallo and Fatunmbi thought it would be a good idea to educate the student body by holding an event where students could learn about Breast Cancer and the Free the Girls organization.
Kimba Langas was the event’s guest speaker, who is the co-founder and executive director for Free the Girls.
The women’s center assisted the event in any way that they could. They provided supplies, and contacted the guest speaker. This was a positive event they intend on doing again in the future.
With the success of the event, Diallo mentioned that she looks forward to holding another educational event.
“The women’s center was very supportive, and I would love to get more people involved. So I plan to partner with 2-3 campus organizations. I was happy about it being educational and at the same time personal,” she said.

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