Delta Sigma Theta hosts B.Y.O.B

 By Tai’s Hammond
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. hosted an event called “Breast Care Awareness,” where students were given the opportunity to learn about breast cancer and decorate their bras in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The B.Y.O.B event, not bring your own bottle, but bring your own bra took place Oct. 9 in the Student Unio
Hailey Clark, a member of the sorority mentioned that the sorority plans to hold this event each year. “Our big sister came up with the idea, so it’s actually our first year of many more.”n Building Multipurpose Room.

There were tables set up, and at each table, materials such as: confetti, fluff balls, glitter and paint were available to decorate their bras.

Many Lincoln University students and some faculty came out to support the event.

Ashley Williams, who decorated her bra, said “This is very fun. I like the fact that we get to decorate our bras to show our support. My bra is for everyone that has breast cancer.”

The sorority also showed an informative PowerPoint presentation. The presentation consisted of slides that gave breast cancer statistics, risk factors and some myths of the disease.

Among those in attendance at the event were students and members of the sorority that lost family members to breast cancer.

After the PowerPoint, each participant mentioned who their newly decorated bra was dedicated to.

Shavon Jordan, a member of the sorority, said, “as a person who saw her aunt and grandmother suffer from breast cancer, it’s nice to bring awareness to younger adult women because early detection is the best protection.”

Dawn Jackson, a member of the sorority said, “it was a good turn out and I’m glad people want to support breast cancer awareness like we do.”

The sorority also showed those who attended how to properly give themselves breast exams.

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