Students Sent Home After Non-Payment of Balance

By Frantasia Walden

Wednesday, Oct. 3, Lincoln University students with outstanding balances were asked to leave campus by 5 p.m.

Students were seen packing their belongings and leaving their identification cards and room keys.

Students seemed upset about having to leave campus and being unable to finish the fall semester. Ashley Redding said, “This is unfair and is out of my control, I’m left helpless.”

Faculty members notified students that they were able to file an appeal against the university’s decision and depending upon the response, they may be able to return.

Morgan Green said, “I received a notice about two weeks ago regarding my balance, but luckily my scholarship went through or I probably would be one of students that had to leave.”

Green is from Oklahoma City. “I live a long way from here, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to be gone by 5 p.m., this school has no respect or consideration,” she said.

Students were upset about having to leave school seven weeks into the semester with midterms being next week.

Alexis Rainey thought that the timing was off for this extraction of students because it’s in the middle of the semester. She also mentioned that it would have been different if this was after finals in December.

One thought on “Students Sent Home After Non-Payment of Balance

  1. It happened to me in the late 80’s while I was a student at Lincoln, but fortunately for me I was able to pay my balance by the due date. My heart goes out to the students and their families.

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