“I am Gay, but there’s more to me” – LGBT History Month

By Ivana Whitfield
Last week was the first event  of LGBT History Month, a forum called “I am Gay, but there’s more to me!”
        Photos of stars, political leaders and other famous people were posted around the Student Union Building Multipurpose Room. Tamisha C. Jackson, the guest speaker of the night, went over each person with the audience, explaining their connection with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. She mentioned people such as Queen Latifah who is an admitted lesbian, Langston Hughes, Lincoln Alum and also a bisexual male, and Beyoncé, an ally of the gay community.Shawn Moore, Coordinator of the Department of Student Life and Development explained the need for an event such as this.

“It’s an issue within the African-American community and the community here at Lincoln,” Moore said. “We don’t talk about it enough.”

The program addressed stereotypes, definitions of terms that are commonly used with the LGBT community and even the blurring of gender roles.

Freshman Kwame Miller said, “I was shocked about how many people came out.” He explained that he enjoyed the event and that he feels closer to those who participated.

Jackson started the event with a “postsecret” activity that allowed everyone to secretly say how he or she felt about the LGBT community anonymously.

Her activities were strategic to directly attack the stereotypes and generalizations given to the LGBT community without offending anyone’s desired sexuality.

Jackson received her M.S. in Women’s and Gender Studies at Towson University in 2011 and is currently the Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs at Bowie State University.

This event is a part of a month long series put on by Student Life and Development. Nothing of this scale has ever been done to address LGBT History Month.

Moore explained, “We’re doing it because of the void of not having something on this scale.”

The program received such a positive response from the student body. Students like junior, Shana Moore, said how much they liked the program and how needed it was on campus.

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