Caribbean Food and Live Chess Game

By Frantasia Walden

The Caribbean Students Association and Pawn to Kings Chess Club hosted a cookout Saturday, Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. at the bottom of the U. The event  featured a DJ for entertainment and a live chess game that kept the crowd until the food came.

“We have a reputation to keep,” said Camille Duberry, senator and one of the cooks in CSA. “So the chicken has to be marinated and cooked to perfection, even if the customers have to wait a little for the food. It’s well worth the wait.”

Every year they are known for running out of food fast. It’s usually first come first serve.Each plate was $5 and the menu consisted of curry chicken, jerk chicken, stew chicken, potato pie, bake macaroni, rice and peas, beef patties and CSA punch. The plates consisted of one meat and two sides of your choice.

Diamond Austin said,  “everyone wants a taste of Caribbean food.”

The live human chess game was an extra source of fun and entertainment for the event. Each player was considered an actual game piece and if your piece was taken then you got pie in your face.

Sha’Quanna Henley said “Even though I got pie in my face I still had a lot of fun.”

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