The New Health and Wellness Center

By Frantasia Walden
On Tuesday, Sept.11, Lincoln University staff were observed unloading and setting up new fitness equipment in the Health and Wellness Center. Although the equipment has arrived, usage is not permitted to the entire school population.Students and staff that currently have classes in the wellness center are the only ones that have access to the equipment, while the rest of the university will have to wait to
utilize the equipment until Sept.24.

The Health and Wellness Center is now located near the Ivory Nelson Science Building and alongside the Apartment Style Living dormitory and parking lot.

Senior, Alileah Alexander said “I can’t wait until everybody can use the equipment so I can get my workout on because the gym is too far of a walk from my dorm.”

The Health and Wellness Center has an indoor track, treadmills and other machines for total body workouts. The building also has a dance studio, rock climbing wall and basketball courts. A food court can be found on the lower level, but has not yet opened.

Dr. Sally B. Monsilovich teaches fitness for life, ballet and other classes in the wellness center and she says the wellness center is a state of the art facility. She hopes the
students take care of the equipment and remain respectful so it can last.

Students and faculty seem excited about the new building on campus. Monsilovich says “I’m thrilled and excited. I hope it promotes health and fitness, and would be a good avenue to students to reduce their stress in a positive way.

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