LU’s Dry Campus Policy In Full Effect

By Ericka Blackwell
         Ten students were sent home for violating the dry campus policy on Lincoln University’s campus by the end of the  second week of the 2012-2013 school year.
Capt. James Conner, Assistant Director of the Department of Public Safety, explained that three out of those
ten students were suspended on night of Tuesday, August 29.
In the Student Handbook for 2012-2013, starting on page 30, it states that Lincoln “expects all students to comply with the policy of an alcohol/dry campus. No student is permitted to possess or consume alcohol on the campus of Lincoln University.”
The policy goes on to state that as soon as alcohol is found on campus, open or closed container, there is an immediate interim suspension preceding a judiciary hearing. When under the legal drinking age of 21 years, the punishment continues as follows: call home, state citation with a fine; driver’s license is suspended for six months, and after a judicial court hearing violators face a possible sentence but not limited to, community
“I agree and disagree with the policy,” said Adam Mason, a senior from New York. “ I understand that it is to protect us, but certain parts, as in, being able to drink off campus but coming back, is ok? Wouldn’t this lead to drunk driving? And if you make it back you can still get in trouble if they think you are in any way intoxicated.”
Violators who are of the legal age will be charged with public drunkenness, along with suspension and a judiciary hearing.
“I would rather not send anyone home…[but] a major cause of problems on Lincoln’s campus stem from alcohol,” said Capt. Conner.
Conner explained that statistics show that four students die every day from alcohol related incidents.
President Robert Jennings put the policy in effect immediately during his first semester as president at the university in spring semester of 2012. Jennings came to Lincoln after President Ivory Nelson retired in December 2011.
The previous Student handbook 2011-2012 on page 61 stated that “Students 21 years of age or older are limited to a maximum of 40 ounces of any kind of alcoholic beverage per person/ per room. This applies to those students living in the Residence Hall and designated floors where alcohol is permitted.”
For more information on the dry campus policy, refer to the Lincoln Student Handbook.

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