New HD Channels: LU Offers Digital Cable

By Paige Mitchell
Lincoln University students returned for the 2012-2013 academic school year to find a difference in the television channels. The Department of Residence Life introduced the new high-definition digital system and also added a variety of television networks.The new cable system gives the entire campus access to 127 high-definition digital channels. In the past students would complain about not having the option to watch certain networks, such as Disney or Oxygen. So in the act of compromise, Residence Life coordinators added diversity in the networks that they provided.

“Residence Life bases the foundation of the decisions we make off of what the students want, and what the students need. We believe the new channels are better and beneficial to all the students,” Program Assistant, Valerie Reason, said.

Previously, channels started at six, now all the available channels are higher numbers. “When I connected my television set, and began to channel surf I quickly realized that there was something wrong. I also thought my TV wasn’t working because many of the channels were a blur, until someone told me to start at channel 30 and work my way up,” said Morgan Green of Apartment Style Living.

With this new advanced cable system students are able to watch a wide selection of various channels like HBO, CNN, ESPN, and NFL channels. There are also plenty movie networks available, as well as channels that are educational.

Some students, however, are not completely on board with all the changes, though they like the additional channels.

“I do not like the channel system. I feel like it is confusing, but I quickly realized that we had more of a selection this year,” Quadera Ball of Lucy Laney Hall said.

The Lincoln University guide channel is available for the students if they are ever confused about the networks and the channels they are trying to find.

“I have no issue with the new channels. I like it! As long as I still have access to the shows I enjoy, I am pleased,” Eiresha Artis of Apartment Style Living said.

Below is a listing of the newly added networks:

HD Theater
MLB Network HD
National Geographic HD
NFL Network HD
NFL Network HD
Science Channel HD
SyFy Channel HD

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